Whitening Capsules For Skin (Facial)

 550  369


Whitening Capsules For Skin (Facial)

 550  369

  • Vitamin E – Whitening Capsules For Skin Anti wrinkle
  • Anti Wrinkles, aging can form protective membrane skin, keep skin moist, promote metabolism,
  • improve the damaged skin, fade freckles, keep skin tender and delicate.
  • This is a facial beauty Renewal Essence.
  • Skin Care whitening and moisturizing
  • Anti wrinkle
  • Face care
  • Great Quality

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Stimulate collagen growth, repair necrotic cells can act as very good for carrier, the subcutaneous tissue to transport proteins produced intradermally. Contains natural moisturizing ingredients cycle effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines, fade fine lines. This is an Essence. This is a facial beauty Renewal Essence
It is similar to the mask of a edible essence, on the facial skin repair, anti-wrinkle, regeneration and other effects.There are 90 pcs in a luxury bottle ,one lot is one bottle.


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